Thursday, August 21, 2014

Heat Wave

We are living in the hot country this week......high temps, high humidity.....this too shall pass.

It's obvious that summer is squeezing its last hurrah.......most of the garden is fading, the sunflowers are no longer bright and shinning,  the zinnias are at their brightest.  The light is the mornings now, there is a a touch of gold and the sunsets come earlier.
The temperature will stay warm here for some time, but the days no longer feel like summer.

Unlike most, I never mourn for summer's end.......I don't wish her to go quickly, but I love fall. I tolerate summer's heat and humidity........I feel alive in the fall.

Tomorrow is Friday.......this weekend will be a laid back gigs.  The heat will make us move slowly, like molasses dripping down a short stack of pancakes.......and that's ok.
I suspect there will be a pitcher of lemonade and one of sweet tea, the most active thing we will do is chase a few lightening bugs with Jordan.

Goodnight, Sweet dreams

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