Monday, August 4, 2014

Full Moon Coming

A full moon coming, so we did moon salutations in classes today.  As I looked out the back door a few minutes ago, the half/ three quarters moon is so bright.......this full moon will be extra special I am sure.

Summer moons and winter moons often seem the brightest, autumn moons seem the biggest.....and those in spring seem the most clear.  After our fall like weather last week, the heat and humidity are will be a sweltering moon this week.

Whatever moon you see this week, I hope it shines your path with a glow of joy, sets a glimmer of hope in your eyes........and brightens your life for the rest of the month.
Go out and catch some moon rays makes you look younger.


  1. I love the moon... I am hoping to catch a warm night out with Valentina to star at the moon and the stars... :)

  2. I like the Moon. It helps me to concentrate. I watch it every moon nights. :-) Happy Moon Night. :-)

  3. Well, I'll try the moon trick for youth! I usually dread a full moon when I'm on seems to bring out the weirdos! I'm on call this weekend and I'm hoping all the crazy vibes will be gone by then! We've had the up and down weather but mostly it's been a cooler summer. Today it was 83de when Ieft the hospital. By the time I pulled in our driveway it was 76. It was amazing to feel the difference in the air that quick!