Sunday, August 31, 2014

August 31

It has been a day of catch-up.......most of this week was a blur of time lost because of serum sickness.
So I have spent the day catching up, speaking with friends, family members, reading.......Rick always says he knows when I'm too sick to read, it's time to worry.  :)  Thankfully, today I have read a great deal.

August 31......I can't believe this is it, the last day of August 2014.  Hot and humid in Alabama, but at least we got some rain  yesterday.  The leaves are falling from the trees, it has been so hot and dry the past few weeks, I fear our fall might be lackluster with no color.

Tomorrow is Labor Day.......a day that I always think about my dad and his dad.  My dad was a member of two Labor Unions, The Boilermakers and the Miners.  Both, hard nasty jobs. He was blue collar all the way, with a heart of gold, and a spirit of love and joy.  I am sorry that labor unions have gotten such a black eye in this country......without them, things would be so very different for workers.  In my opinion, politics made a mess of the unions just like it has everything else.

The beauty berries are starting to turn purple and even though the heat is raging, for me......when those berries turn that brilliant amethyst, fall has started its journey down south.  The sumac has deepened and turned that rusty wine shade, and the even the oak leaves are starting to lose that deep verdant green of summer.  Mother Nature is getting ready for change, so am I.

Goodnight, Sweet dreams.

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