Saturday, August 9, 2014

Push On

This has been one of those weeks when my brain has been mush.  We were rehearsing  today for a gig next week and I butchered every note that came out of my mouth, couldn't remember lyrics, and forget about the guitar playing.........that's when you push on in spite of everything and hope that tomorrow is better.

So, I suppose that is my information tonight......sometimes it really is about push coming to matter if you don't feel well, or you are not in the mood or whatever......sometimes you just have to push on and hope for the best.

Wishing you all Sunday full of rest, joy and time spent with those you love.
goodnight, sweet dreams


  1. You are not alone. I do have that problem sometimes. (Sometimes it is mental fatigue and resting is what I need).
    I hope you are feeling better today, Jilda.

  2. I agree Jilda, sometimes we just have to push through ... no matter how we feel, I hope you feel better very soon...