Thursday, April 7, 2011


We had a very cold snowy winter.....and very few times this winter was I ever cold.
For the past two weeks, I can't for the life of me stay warm. It has been damp and a little cooler, but I am telling you all, my body is reacting as if it twenty five degrees.

Maybe it is because the trees and flowers leaved and blossomed early this year....maybe it is because the days are longer and my body thinks more daylight means warmer temperatures, or as many of my friends will say "you're just crazy".

I am so sorry I took the flannel sheets off the bed....they are going back on this weekend!

We have two baby chicks....the momma hen has been as mixed up about the weather as I have been. She tried to hatch babies back in February. We finally had to take the eggs away, but she started all over and was successful this week. The chicks look like little fur balls of black and yellow.

I have taught three yoga classes this evening, all were different, yet the common thread today as most days was stress. I started each class with a counting breath
meditation and you could see the faces soften after the first five minutes. After each class, students left talking about how much better they felt. For those of you who have never tried yoga, please stop by a class sometime.....don't push, let the teacher know if there are any physical issues, honor your body, do the breath work
and enjoy what your body can do. I wish I could teach you all, I promise you would let go of some stress! Just for grins, (humor me) as you lie down tonight, breathe slowly, roll over on your right side, continue to take slow gentle breaths in and out of your nose, give yourself permission to rest.

I will be getting up at the crack of dawn in the morning, going to a prenatal yoga teacher training. Will let you know how that goes down tomorrow night, I just hope it is warm! Good night, Sweet dreams!


  1. I don't even think of snow in Alabama! Sometimes cold just gets in your bones, when it is damp! I know I am sitting here with a wool sweater on, but the highest it has been here all year so far is 50. Sometimes thyroid can make you feel cold, hoping all is well

  2. Two little chicks, sweet :) They are so cute! Enjoy the weekend dear Jilda!

  3. I know exactly what you mean about the cold, I thought it was just me. Will try the breathing, if I can breath through my nose, allergies :)
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  4. Same here. I was wearing shorts a few days and changed the heavy comforter on the bed to a thinner quilt and then bam! Too cold for shorts and got the comforter back out. Ha.

  5. I am so ready to put my coat away and not see it for a long time. My wife and I are both in management and stress is part of our every day norm. Wish you were closer by, we would both attend. Have a great weekend.