Saturday, April 16, 2011

Frozen Juices

The tapping of keys......that is the sound I make tonight. We just got home, I am freezing. A friend did an outdoor concert, it was a great venue......but it is in the forties with twenty mile per hour winds. Yesterday, we were slammed with tornadoes and around six inches of rain. My fingers are cold, my toes are cold.....I didn't know the concert was outdoors. I dressed cute, I did wear a leather jacket, but I should have wrapped myself like the Michelin Tire man!

I know, I digress. Don't you hate it, when you sit and tap keys? Like that is going to inspire the brain to shift into action, my creative juices are my toes(did I tell you, I wore open toe shoes?)
The good news, Rick and I were invited to play at this venue later(like when there are warm breezes).

The venue is an art gallery and along with music fans, there were many arty types there tonight.
I love to people watch, and when you are in the midst of creative folk......there is a lot to watch!
The music was just as eclectic as the crowd, blues, rock, singer/songwriter, folk.
There were men in smoking jackets, women in tuxedos and vintage cocktail dresses, tie dye tee shirts, sweats and bluejeans. It was like someone from a fashion magazine had a child with someone from The Rolling Stone.....really cool mix.

My fingers are beginning to warm, I can feel them now......but alas, creative juices are still frozen.
Good night, Sweet dreams.


  1. Hot tea and a hot water bottle and up to bed! I know the feeling, April is so deceiving, once sun and warm, next pretty windy and chilly.

  2. Hope you had a restful night and are completely thawed out. We also got slammed by tornados in NC. Roanoke Rapids, just 5 miles up I95 got hit pretty bad destroying some businesses and homes. So far no word on loss of life. Other towns got hit even worse. So far it looks to be a gorgious day outside at 8:30 AM. Have a wonderful Sunday & stay warm.

  3. Claudia, you're so right about the hot tea!
    Odie, I thought about you yesterday when I heard storms were in your area. We had seven who died in Alabama from those storms, it was a rough ride. Hope all is well with you this beautiful

  4. Yesterday in Louisville US fighter jets flew non-stop sorties up and down the flood swollen mud brown Ohio River waters for five hours. At 9:30 p.m. precisely, explosions were seen on one of the three bridges traveled by hundreds of thousands of people just trying to get to work and at 10:05 p.m. every road, highway, interstate and back ally was jam packed by cars trying to flee the scene.

    It was "Thunder Over Louisville".

    Last year it was 85 on the day and this year it was 40 with 40 mph winds, low clouds and intermittent rain.

    Cold! In April 40 degrees seems colder than 10 degrees in January. I agreed with Claudia that hot tea does the trick.

  5. I got so rattled by Mr. Langley's comment I guess I didn't finish my comment process. My youngest lives in RoRap. Just talked to her, she is ok. The tornado hit a block from her house.
    Hope you are warmer today, I remember band performances where I have been frozen. Both kids were in marching band, still play, but now it is indoors!

  6. I've never seen a tornado; I'd imagine it is pretty scary. I didn't realise you and Rick were musicians, though I see from your pic your holding a guitar, so I'm taking it you play one too! That's great. I'd love to be able to play a musical instrument.