Thursday, April 14, 2011

Jordan Days

Jordan spent the day.......he informed me this morning that he needed fresh fruit......he asked for strawberries, pineapple and watermelon. He told me that kids need fresh fruit for snacks, so I told him that if he and Rick could hang together for a little while, I would go to the store.

As soon as I came through the door with bags in hand, he was telling me.....hungry, hungry, hungry.
I showed him the strawberries and he danced for joy.
Before lunch he ate half a pint, after lunch he finished the pint. There was strawberry juice on his clothes, on his face, hands......everywhere!

He had such a look of contentment as he ate those berries, and he did not gulp them down. He took small bites, he would lick the juice, he would look at the berry, he would smell the was quite an experience just to watch him. We should all savor our food the way he savored those strawberries!

He did share a couple with me, but he was enjoying his berry experience so much, I just could not eat his berries. We spent most of the afternoon on the back deck building castles with wooden blocks.
He showed me how to build a road and a railroad track. I love these days with him.......Seeing the world through a three year old's eyes is magical, he teaches me so much, I am sad when his mom picks him up. His biggest concern today......I had a bug bite on my face, he was so worried that it hurt......his medical advice.....a bandaid always makes a booboo feel better.
For those of you who don't know.....Jordan is my three year old great nephew, his mom is a single parent in college and he stays with Rick and I when she is in class.....we love our Jordan days!


  1. What a cutie patootie. My kids still get excited about strawberries and they are teenagers. :)

    He is smart young man. Good for him.

  2. A sweet boy and a true gourmet :) Lovely post Jilda, nice to read you are happy!

  3. My daughter started my two grandsons that way on fruit and they cannot get enough of the good stuff. Of course with the fruit they also have to have large quantities of "Cheese Doodles". My boys 2 & 4.

  4. Kisses and bandaids do make everything all better when you're three. How sweet he is. And smart too. Not to mention adorable. I'm sure you guys do enjoy spending time with him. It is an experience. Now I really miss my granddaughters :-(

  5. I think I want to hang with Jordan...he has good taste!!