Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Opening the Doors

For the past couple of days I have visited old friends....The Doors. For some reason, I had not listened to their music in a very long time. That changed yesterday. The only music I have listen to for the past two days has been Jim and the Doors.

I had forgotten how much I loved them. I had forgotten how intense, how sensual and clever their music is. The Beatles were smooth and polished, the Stones raw and energetic, but the Doors......that underlying sense of the blues, and then there were Jim's forays into the shadows of the mind, and of course his bad boy, sometimes nearly childlike sexuality.

Listening to their music now is quite listening pleasure has not been intensified by artificial means. Ha Ha! Hearing their voices, the way the songs were arranged and produced, quite intriguing. I remember playing their album and when my mom heard Light My Fire, she made me turn off the stereo. Their lyrics were so poetic compared to what I sometimes hear today.

I was just a kid listening to those guys in the mid-sixties, but their music spoke to me. I was the good girl and Jim Morrison was the boy every mother warned her daughter about. I was a teenager when he died.
As I have listened to his music these past two days I am reminded of how powerful music is. It evokes memories and feelings, it is a language that all can understand, music is a part of human fiber. Music can calm, stir, evoke, and kindle, it is a tool to be respected, and a part of creativity to be honored and cherished. As a blogger I understand the power of words, as a songwriter I understand the power of the song.
We all have music that connects our our past, to each other, to emotions and memories. For most of us, our taste in music changes as the years go by...but then there are those yesterday, when I listened to Roadhouse Blues, so loud Ingrid's windows rattled, and it was only me, wailing the blues with JIm.


  1. OMG, another reason I love you - Jim Morrison - long live the Lizard King! My dad swears he had breakfast with him one morning after a long night on the Sunset Strip back in the day.
    Ok, so when I win powerball, we fly first class to LA to attend one of Steve Ross's chants and spend the next day sitting on Venice Beach soaking up the ghosts of Jim Morrison vibes. Deal?

  2. Music is, indeed, part of the human fiber.

    While, these days I am more into the Rippingtons or Peter White, in the old days it was "Give Me That Old Time Rock and Roll" - you know, the "kind of music that would soothe your soul." :)
    Happy listening - Marsha

  3. I had the 45 of Light My Fire and the flip side was Wild Child. I played that over and over and over again. Love them and appreciate them more now then I did back then.

  4. I didn't follow the Doors much, but I loved, Light My Fire.

  5. My third son is a music lover in all ways. He writes, and plays a really mean guitar and I remember taking him to the rock and roll hall of fame when he was a teen. I loved the Jim Morrison exhibit. Seeing all the parts of his life..including his cub scout uniform, was very moving to me for some reason. I feel like he was a song that was only partially completed. He could have created so much more. I'm sure that is true of many of the legends in music..sad, but true.