Saturday, April 2, 2011

A long winding road

Today my friend Alison and I went on an excursion... A locale
Had told us about a scenic route around several lakes...
We took a wrong turn......we were on winding mountain road...
How winding???about twenty minutes into the drve I got
Dizzy.....I was driving. Soon I had to pull over at Bob's
Small engine repair for a breath of fresh was like driving
Down Lombard St in San Francisco ... Then it got worse...I began to
Mutter things like...I wish I could see sky scraper orcould we just
Get rid of the curves and mountains and find flat straight roads...
Ok .. I was dizzy so was my friend and we appeared to be in
The land of deliverance. Finlally we made it to a small town...
And a nice straight four lane road.


  1. I took a "short cut" through the Sierra Madres Mountains once. It took us two hours longer. Very winding road. Don't ever go there.

  2. Wow! I think I'd get car sick before I got dizzy. I hate winding roads and am so glad I live on a flat island without a mountain in site :D

  3. I'm with you on this one. I absolutely hate windy roads and always end up feeling ill! Glad you found a flat road in the end!!!

  4. All roads in the UK are winding. I was amazed when I vivited America that all your towns and cities seemed to be laid out in a grid pattern.

  5. I literally love the mountains but sometimes the roads can get to me as well. A little of those roads goes a long way with me. I still endure it to see the scenery I love so much. Glad you made it safely.

  6. I think the mountains are beautiful, but I wouldn't want to live there and I don't enjoy driving over them either! Hey, I grew up in Chicago...pretty flat! I get motion sick on a swing so I'm not a fun winding road kinda gal. Hope the rest of the trip is better.