Sunday, April 24, 2011

Spring Flowers

I promised I would share spring flowers with you all.
I don't remember ever having rhododendrons and honeysuckle blossoms in the house at Easter, but it has been an extremely warm spring. My house smells of honeysuckle each time you walk through the door. I love them. The rhododendrons are beautiful, but they have no fragrance.

Honeysuckles are lowly.....many around these parts think of them as weeds, vines that take over. But I love them.....the smell, the gentle fragile beauty of the flowers, even the vines themselves. Their coloration....soft creamy ivory, pale yellow and sometimes a surprising burst of rose and pink.

No candle, no perfume that I have ever smelled, captures the fragrance of a real honeysuckle. It is sweet, but not cloy and there is an earthiness that gives the scent body and strength.

The rhododendrons are just showy. Ours covers almost one end of our house.....the leaves deep and glossy, the clusters of flowers saucer size and larger.
When we planted it years ago, we didn't even know what it was.....just some sort of shrub. The first year it bloomed, we were like ok, we did good!

The incense burner was a birthday gift from my friend Jackie. It just seemed the perfect match with the flowers today. And yes, when the petals fall, I leave them for awhile. The fallen petals remind me to enjoy the beauty while I can, this too shall pass.

It has been a busy weekend, filled with friends and family......Monday comes so quickly. We have a gig coming up, so there will be lots of practice this week. The carpenters will be back, (I think they should just move in the guest room). It has been a warm beautiful day, one of the warmest Easters I can remember. I am hoping you all have a peace filled week, full of warm sun and beautiful flowers and much laughter.
Good night, Sweet dreams.


  1. Oh that brings back memories. We had a huge honeysuckle bush outside of my bedroom window as a kid and I used to smell that sweet scent. I also used to go out and pull the stem out and eat the nectar. They are heavenly. We too use a lot of incense and the scents are very calming. Especially lavendar. Sounds like you had a lovely Easter.

  2. Honeysuckle is indeed a true scent, not too sweet but clean and pleasant. We have a honeysuckle candle but not at all like the live plant. I like your picutre, and the way you view the fallen petals. You have a nice way of looking at things.

  3. I actually dug up a plant and planted it beside my fence and it filled the whole side and the smell was heavenly. This really brought back memories. Hope you have a wonderful week.