Saturday, April 23, 2011

Sharing a Celebration

It has been a weekend of reuniting.........this weekend is traditionally our high school alumni
gathering, it started last night with the classes of 66,67, 68,69 and 70 . It continued today
with the 50th celebration of the class of 1961 and tonight was a gathering of alumni all the way from 1947 to the present.

My sister, Pat graduated with the 1961 class. I have attended more of her class functions than my own class. I love her class mates! I know that I was the bratty little kid who tormented her.
But she was like Cinderella......I remember her as a cheerleader, going to the prom, ball games,
she and her friends were like these magical beings who were always doing something special.

Sometimes if I cried alot, my mom would insist that Pat take me to a ballgame with her or to a friend's house. Lucky for me, her best friend Asa, had a younger sister Johnnie so I got to go to Asa's house pretty often. The neighborhood we grew up in had a lot of kids. So, with two older brothers at home, and Pat, my younger brother Ricky and I had plenty of babysitters.
All their friends dealt with us kindly......a couple of my older brother's friends taught me to shoot hoops when I was five or six. I had crushes on every boy that ever came knocking on our front door to take Pat on a date.

My brother Ricky and I were only twenty-two months apart in age,, and since our brothers and sisters were older , our own friends thought we were the only two kids in our family. It was interesting growing up in a family with such a spread in ages. My parents were the age of some of my friends' grandparents.

So today, in a roundabout way, it was my reunion see my sister's friends and know they remembered me fondly and not as the nuisance I surely must have been. The years have been kind to my sister and I , because I went from being the pain in the butt baby sister to being her friend. I am sure those years she was a teenager were made even more difficult having me as her bratty little sister, and there were probably some times she had serious thoughts about
selling me to the lowest bidder!

It was a good day, to be a part of something so special as someone's fiftieth reunion......I am glad my sister and her friends let me share their celebration.


  1. What a fun memory of your youth! I was the oldest in our family and I remember being so mad at my mom when she made me take my younger sisters places. Just the opposite feeling you had. Lol. You must have been close knit though, to go to the reunions. I don't think my sisters would have any interest in going to mine. I think your growing up experience was just remarkable!

  2. Wow, all the way back to 1947 the year I was born. I graduated in 65. Glad you had such a good time.

  3. It sounds as if you are a cherished sister now!
    Love Di ♥