Friday, April 8, 2011

Lost energy

I think someone has siphoned my chi. Once I left class today, my energy dissipated like the morning dew in the midday sun. Not sure if it was sitting for most of the day,
(I am always moving) or just the week catching up with me. I spent the day in a prenatal yoga was informative and interesting.

Have you ever noticed when you spend your day in any kind of training, how you just lose time? I think it is a combination of things....sitting, small room, lecture,
being so immersed for the day in a subject that all your energy is directed toward the learning process and the subject at hand.

Forgive me my friends, but I am in dire need of my bed.....hopefully a good night's sleep will restore my energy and words. There were a couple of folks in class who were not well, I hope they have not shared their "bugs" with me.
Good night, Sweet dreams.


  1. I had a friend tell me about a mushroom called ganoderm that boosts the immune system and gives you energy and good sleep. At the health food stores it is called Reishi. She gave me some that is in a coffee and it did work well. I went and got some tincture of Reishi at the store and only take some when I feel tired. It works wonders. I now have so much more energy and can get so much more done. Anyway, you may not like to take stuff like that, I just thought I would tell you about it.
    Have a wonderful sleep!

  2. I read Belle's comment with great interest. Thanks Belle. And sounds like a good suggestion Jilda.

    Get a good nights sleep nothing is better. I wish. :)


  3. Rest Jilda, weekend is coming :) Hope you feel better today!

  4. Have a wonderful sleep...and hopefully the weekend is restful as well!!!!

  5. It's easy when in a crowd to pick up something that you don't really want. Hope you will feel 100% after your rest.

  6. I know all too well how drained you feel. I feelit almost all the time nowadays. If I ever get this case approved and can get medical care, maybe then I can start doing things to start feeling better again.

  7. Yes, I've noticed about classrooms too, and I hate the feeling of time being siphoned. Rick says congrats are in order for your 200 hr Yoga certification...Congrats!!!!

  8. Sweet dreams! I hope you do not get sick :D