Thursday, August 19, 2010

Seven Dreams

I seems that I have become obsessed with dreams the past few days. Maybe it is because the moon is waxing and it will be full in five days, maybe it is because I am somewhat of a dreamer myself. But this blog tonight is different from the others.

There is a book that I recommend to my yoga students where I work. It was written by a young man from Australia, Matthew Kelly. I personally have read this book three or four times and every time I read it, there is an aha moment. The book is called The Rhythm of Life.

Tonight's blog is about the seven dreams that Matthew Kelly talks about having for all of us.
Those seven dreams that he discusses, are really the hopes and dreams, and the philosophy that I share with people every day. Tonight I share these dreams with you, and if they touch you at all, read the book. It is on a recommended reading list that I give out all the time. The following are shortened versions of the dreams.

The First Dream........that you have complete control over your mental and physical faculties and that you are slave neither to food, drink, nor any other substance.

The Second Dream.....that you are able to discern the people, activities and possessions that are most important to you.

The Third Dream.......that you have the courage, determination, firmness, and persistence to perform the tasks that you choose, decide and resolve to perform.

The Fourth Dream........that you discover a unique talent that leads you to dedicate the professional aspect of your life to work you can be passionate about. That you enjoy the rare privilege of meaningful work.

The Fifth Dream.......that you grow in wealth in every sense of the word, that you are never in need and that you share you wealth with all you can.

The Sixth Dream......that you find true love. Someone you cherish, who makes you want to be a better person.

The Seventh Dream........that you discover a deep and abiding peace. The peace that comes from knowing who you are, where you are, and that what you do is essentially good and it makes sense.

Tonight I share these dreams with all of you who read this blog. These are my dreams for you, they are my dreams for the human race too. It seems that the past few decades, most of us have forgotten any dreams we ever had, that we have tossed them aside like they were old childhood toys that were no longer relevant.

Where would we be without dreams? every inventor, creator, writer, artist, musician, teacher, the list could go on for pages, nothing would be the same in this world without dreams. So I urge you all tonight, to dream. Dream of the life you dare, the one you were born to go out there and live. We all know that life is fleeting, the people we love, come and go. We each have a purpose, lives to touch, and a path to follow. I think our dreams are the road map to live an abundant life.
Dream Big.

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  1. I am so glad that you started writing a blog.
    I learn something from you every day.