Friday, August 6, 2010

Coming of Age

I have finally come into the twenty first century........well sorta. My cd player that I use in my yoga classes died Monday. I go through a couple a year, it just seemed like such a waste to keep buying disposable cd players. One of my students suggested I use my I-phone, Rick had also suggested it, the light bulb finally flashed over my head and I came home and asked for help. So Rick went to Best Buy, got me my own docking station, helped me load my cds to my IPod app, and I now have music o'plenty! It's all right there at my finger tips, I am so excited!

And yes, I am ready to acknowledge that technological advances can be a good thing. It's just that I don't want to give up paper books. I love to write cards and letters. And I still love my albums.
In my own time I am coming of age. It has been a slow process, and I still kick and scream about it sometimes, but I am getting there.

I keep reading stories about teen/tweens who text so much that they are losing social skills.
I think that even though the world seems to be shrinking, we spend so much time with our lap tops, and cell phones that we are evolving into some sort of mutant communicative challenged
species who will forget about books, news papers, and phonograph records and just be content
to sit around and stare at those glowing screens.

Ok, now that that is off my chest! I am loving IPod for music, and yes it is simpler, so now I am eating crow, and it's pretty tasty.



  2. She may have sipped a small tumbler of cherry Kool-aid with lots of ice, but SHE HAS NOT BEEN ASSIMILATED!

    Technology should be for ease of use and convenience, not to "keep up" which is impossible if you want to buy food, shelter and books.