Sunday, August 29, 2010


Due to my yoga life style and beliefs, I try to never judge. I figure we are all out there doing the best we know how, life is tough and the last thing any of us need is somebody judging us.
Many years ago, a friend convinced me to judge a beauty pageant. It was heartbreaking, how dare I sit there and decide who is beautiful, who is more beautiful and who is most beautiful.
So I made a promise to myself, never ever again!

A couple of weeks ago, a friend called and asked if Rick and I would judge a cake baking
contest at their church tonight. Ok, I caved, I LOVE cake. Rick is the celebrity in our house since his column runs in the local paper, his book has done well, he actually writes for several papers.
I am sure they asked me out of kindness.
We got there this evening, and it turns out, this bake off........ the men of the church have actually baked the cakes!

So, there I have spent the past two hours eating cake. Only small bites, but you know a dozen cakes or so, and all those little bites add up. It will be a long time before I want cake again.
Now I am figuring out how to lose the pounds I packed on this evening.

The cakes were great, everything from a pineapple upside down, to coconut cream, to honey bun, to the winner which was a brownie torte, with walnuts and cream cheese frosting.
But I am on sugar overload. I had not eaten since lunch, I have a sugar buzz that most pre-schoolers would kill for. I may be comatose before I make it to bed.

But these men, wow, they could actually bake, now Rick makes a great cup of coffee, and in the winter, a mean pot of chili and pan of cornbread, but anything else......let's just say he should stick to writing.
So, I am still in conflict about this judging process, cause there were some disappointed men walking around tonight, and I thought that I would be so happy to eat all that cake.
But right now, I am going to look for the Pepto, and go to bed.
good night, sweet dreams, and please don't call me about any kind of judging for a long long time.

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  1. Jilda, You had your cake and ate it too! I think you are brave for judging a mens cake contest, those who lost must have gotten thier aprons tied in knots....I can see you need to take a class called "No Thanks, 101" and study hard so you can get an A in gracefully bowing out of these tyoes of judge activities.
    I wanted to come over to thank you for following my blog, Adventures of Mr. Slug and Firends." It was so good to see you at Slug's Rest. I will recipricate and follow you too, I hope to come visit again soon. I am on my way out to play my xylophone in a Man of La Mancha rehearsal for a performance that takes place in about 3 weeks. Wish me luck as I have said yes to reading music that is way over my head! That is how I know so much about needing to know how to say no! :) Love, Mrs. Slug