Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Living from day to day is such a mystery. Good things happen, bad things happen......yet the world keeps spinning. Friendships develop and last a lifetime, others fizzle in a few months and you sit back and wonder what happened.

Some mornings start out good and go down hill from there, and then some days nothing can go wrong. People come into your life and it seems as though they have been there for ever, others who have been in your life for years, walk away without so much as a goodbye.

You visit someplace, that you have never been, yet it is all so familiar, so much like home.
And then some times the place you have called home for years seems like a foreign country.
Things that were once important to you, don't matter anymore. Life goes on.

There are days when you are surrounded by such exquisite beauty that it brings tears to your eyes. Then there are days when the ugliness of the human condition turns your stomach.
Some days you feel such incredible love that it seems as though your spirit has been wrapped in silk and cashmere. And there are those days when the hurt is so bad that you think someone has slashed your soul with a razor.

This thing we call life, it is such a mystery. Just when we think we have the answer, we know nothing. When we think we are lost, someone finds us. It seems the past is always taunting and the future is always mocking. And then the sky is blue, and the sun is warm, we hear the birds sing, and someone shares a smile or a kind word and all is good.
Life is a mystery.

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