Sunday, August 8, 2010


Some days are full of possibilities. Choices are everywhere, just yours for the taking. But then seems there are no choices, no forks in the road. Just a straight and narrow path that leads exactly where you have to go. It's all laid out, and all you have to do is follow.

I like the possibilities, the choice. Decisions are a test, and forks in the road, they always take you someplace. I love to encourage others to think about the possibilities, sometimes it is best if you create your own fork in the road. Do the unexpected.

My front door is purple, (not eggplant or burgundy) it is purple. Most of the house is green and purple, with some red and a little blue here and there. It is unexpected, a possibility that I think worked really well. Some possibilities work out, others don't.....then you deal with the consequences.

I have thought of possibilities all day......of different places to live, different hair cut, thinner body, new guitar, life in the fast lane, a change in the weather. My friends tell me I drank the
kool aide, I call it keeping the mind possibilities.

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