Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Recurring Dreams

I have recurring dreams, and no they are not bad, or scary. These dreams are actually some of the most beautiful dreams that I have ever had. They seem to appear when I need them the most.
Maybe it is my escape, maybe it the universe letting me know that all is well, but I can assure you, they are most comforting.

One takes place at a waterfall, I am hiking down a lush green hill side, but it is not tropical.
The water rushing over the falls is sparkling clear, the color of aquamarines. I make my way down the mountain side, to the pool where the water collects, and the water shimmers. It is cold, or it has the sensation of cold, but yet very refreshing. It is this place of peace, you can feel nothing but love, and well being. Every time I have this dream, I wake up feeling so at peace, feeling loved and great joy.

The second dream, once again takes place on water. It is a wide shallow river, with a bridge that seems to float on the water. The odd thing about the bridge, you crawl on your belly to get across. But it is not scary, it is very humbling and soothing. The river runs through a small village, maybe somewhere in Europe, the houses are small and quaint. There are people every where, but it seems like a celebration of some sort. As I cross the bridge on my stomach, there are folks at the end of the bridge to meet me, they cheer and hug. We walk through the village and sit on the banks of the river, eating and laughing, watching children play in the river's shallow waters.

Ok, I know weird blog tonight. But, I have been out of sorts today and just replaying these dreams in my mind has helped. Some days are full and short, some are long and empty. You go through the motions, and all appears well, but deep inside you, there is a little emptiness. I have been a little empty today. This weekend is a slow one, it's time for a little rest, to recharge the batteries. And who knows, maybe dream a new dream.

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  1. no weird blogs from you.

    always "Jilda-esque" and thus :)