Sunday, August 15, 2010


There are certain things that I love to do because I am in the now when I am doing them.
Of course singing and playing guitar create mindfulness because you concentrate on what you are doing, well hopefully you do. But I am thinking tonight of the small mundane chores that many of us hate to do.
Take ironing, I love to iron. There is something so restful, so soothing as you watch the wrinkles disappear, the repetitive motion as the iron glides across the fabric. I love to paint the walls in our house. I haven't done it in a few years, and I have begun to look at color cards, I think this fall would be a good time. The movement of the roller, the spread of the color, once again, I find this
calming, it helps me to be present.
Cooking is something else that I truly love to do. When I am in the kitchen, chopping, stirring,
mixing, it is such a creative process, and when you use knives, you really do have to be mindful!
Friends say that I am a good cook, many come to visit and threaten to never leave. I think the food is good, because I cook with love. When I am cooking, I think of who will eat the food, the laughter and conversation of those around the table, the memories that will be made because of a meal that is shared.
Something else that I guess is kinda strange but it creates such mindfulness for me is cleaning house. When the house gets cluttered I feel as though my life is cluttered. I am not a neat freak,
but there is a method to my madness when it comes to clutter. This summer things have gotten
in disarray and I am thinking tonight of when I can take off work a couple of days and get things in order.
Gardening is something else that brings mindfulness. I love digging in the earth, the feel of the soil between my fingers, ( I know I should use gloves, but I don't) There is something so satisfying to see flowers and vegetables growing where there was once just grass and weeds. And gardening gives such a connection to Mother Earth, I think it is important to understand that food does not just appear at the grocery store, there is sweat and a partnership with the elements too.
Even writing this blog has brought mindfulness. As I sit down to write every night, I think of those who already follow my musings, and wonder about their day, their lives. I wonder who might stumble on this blog, and hope that they might find something useful, or inspiring.
I feel a responsibility to all of you, that even though there are subjects that might not interest or amuse you, maybe they make you think. And in the end, you learn a little about me, my thoughts, my sometimes not so good attempts at mindfulness, my struggles with living a life I teach about.
So tonight, the next time you do the dishes, or sweep the floors or fold clothes, let yourself be in the moment. Think about who walks on those floors, wears the clothes, or eats off those dishes.
Send them a blessing and yourself one too, the world most often keeps spinning because the little things get done, and that in turn allows for the big stuff to happen.

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