Saturday, August 7, 2010

It's Back

A few years ago, someone built a dirt track across the river and through the woods from us.
Every Saturday night, our peaceful bit of heaven on earth turned into sounds from hell.
Finally, who knows what happened, but one Saturday night a couple of summers ago, the rages of testosterone driven, gas guzzling, wasting vehicles stopped.

Tonight, when we came home from spending a wonderful afternoon with our friend Fred, we got out of the truck and heard the screams of speeding cars blowing gas out of their exhaust like it was confetti. I am just so sorry that the folks driving these cars don't live here so they could experience first hand how much noise pollution they create on what use to be peaceful Saturday

So its back. The beast that was created by folks unmoved by the recent oil spill in the gulf, or by the deaths of thousands who have died in the middle east to keep the supply of oil coming so it can be wasted by someone driving in circles on a dirt track.

1 comment:

  1. The people with the screaming engines consider what they are doing to be patriotic.

    They are wrong.