Sunday, February 4, 2018

Sunday Night

A run to Costco this morning in a winter's rain.  Not exactly the perfect Sunday, but somedays you do what you gotta do, and it was time to go to Costco.

February is a short month and it is screaming by.  I looked at the calendar on the wall by my desk and thought wow, March is standing at the door.

I have been listening to a blues singer/songwriter, Samantha Fish.  I am loving her music. At first listen her guitar playing just blew me away, but then I took a few minutes to truly listen to her voice.
It is filled with passion.  If you like the blues, google her and listen, I think you will love her as much as I do.

This weekend went as quickly as any I have had in a long time.  Tomorrow is Monday?
I am in need of a vacay, not just a long weekend but serious down time.  We are looking at places and dates and  making plans.  I can't wait.

I know that most are watching the Super Bowl tonight.  I did watch the half-time show which I loved.
JT knocked it out of the ballpark.  It will be an early bedtime tonight, I will find out who won tomorrow.

Goodnight, Sweet dreams


  1. I did watched a video of Samantha Fish. Her singing was nice but I noticed that when she stopped playing that tiny guitar, the music sounded the same. The musician next to her played guitar. I agree the music was nice.

    I hope your vacation turns out as planned.
    Hugs, Julia