Sunday, February 25, 2018


I got up this morning with my normal Sunday routine in my head, wash yoga blankets, make meditation cds, get class notes and quotes ready for tomorrow and the rest of the week.  Then I realized, won't be teaching this week.  I am out of sorts already.  A different kind of week for me.

But I have downloaded several articles to read this week and I have 3 books that I am in the middle of, so I think I can stay busy on the sofa for a couple of days. 

It has rained all day.  We walked the dogs between showers and downpours. Calliou and Taz hate getting wet, Hook could care less.  Everyone is complaining about the rain, I am trying very hard not to complain.  I keep thinking about those of you north and east of us who have dealt with floods and tornadoes the past few days.  All too often we deal with those kind of weather days as well, it is a rough road, nasty weather and there is nothing you can do about it most of the time.  Just be prepared and be tough.

These are the last few days of February.  Thursday will be March 1 and a full moon, interesting combination again, remember January.  Take care of yourselves, be kind and spread a little joy where ever you may go.

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  1. You have to say to yourself, "Things are as they should be'' because it a time for your body to rest. Things will return to normal soon. Your students will appreciate you even more when you return. Good luck with the dental work.
    Hugs, Julia