Saturday, February 24, 2018


Today has been a nice low key day.  We went to our local produce stand and picked up fruits and veggies so that I can make smoothies while I recover from oral surgery next week.  Once again the temps have been record breaking and lots of rain.  Looks as though we are facing storms later tonight.

As I walked out to get the mail this morning I got a nice surprise, the yellow jasmine that covers most of the arbor leading to our front door had bloomed.  It was quite a contrast, all those yellow flowers and at the end of the arbor my snowman flag was blowing in the wind.  I usually leave him and our snowman dishes out until the first of March, with 80 degree days I suppose it is time to pack them back until December 1.

Seems there are storms and floods everywhere tonight.  You all stay safe.  May life treat you kind.

1 comment:

  1. Yes, I agree, with all those pretty blossoms, it's time to put that snowman flag away.

    Where is Jordan, we haven't seen his smile in a while. I bet he's loving these beautiful days. Is he still waiting for the third snowstorm prediction to come true or did I missed one?
    Hugs, Julia