Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Almost Spring

Record warm temps are pushing spring to appear faster than she should here in Alabama.  Not that anyone minds, it has been a chilly dark winter and most who live here  love warm weather.  Few enjoy the fall and winter months as I do.  

For me, spring brings hope.  Hope that the sun will warm the earth, the days will be longer and life will burst forth.  Flowers appear, grass is its greenest, and the buds on tree range in shades from soft yellows to pink to lilac to apricot to green.  Color in the spring is rampant and there are no right or wrong combinations.

The hope of spring reminds me, we can grow our own food, pick fruit from our orchard and feel fresh dirt under bare feet.  Before the heat of summer, which can hit us in April or May, spring caresses with warm days and cool nights.

That hope that spring gives me is why I pick the first flowers and bring them in the house.  They serve as a reminder that yes, there might be more cold and even snow flakes, but spring is coming and she will not be denied.  She will pitch her hissy fits of tornadoes and storms, but she will soothe and be charming with warm days and her bursts of color.

Spring is probably the most transformative season we have here.  It is the  most energetic.  And she is showing her face here on the farm this week.  The yellow bells arrived today.


  1. Nothing like spring flowers to boost the spirit and give hope that all is well again with new birth and fresh beginning.

    It's getting warmer and snow is still slowly melting but we are still in winter so we take it with a bit of caution that it will most probably snow many time before we put away the snow shovels.
    Enjoy your first blooms.
    Hugs, Julia

  2. I always loved seeing spring flowers poke their heads out of the earth.

  3. Those tiny delicate flowers are a welcome sight.