Friday, February 2, 2018


I forgot last night was Feb. 1  so I will pretend it is tonight and do my usual 1st  day of the month post.  Here goes.

February 1...last year in this month we set record high temps, thank goodness that is not so this year

February 1...Ground Hog's Day, he says more cold weather, so did the almanac a week ago

February 1...Valentine's Day, I love a day dedicated to love, chocolate and flowers

February 1...short month

February 1...wearing the color red really brightens up your day

February 1...hoping for snow sometime this month, Jordan predicted 3 snows, we need one more

February 1...the still bright waning moon is driving our dogs crazy, but no full moon for this month

February 1...President's birthdays and sales

February you still give Valentines?  I do.  Yes, I paint them and sometimes I make Valentine cookies.


  1. For a short month there's lots to do! We're getting Jordan's snow! Looks like it's going to be cold and snowy all week too...oh well, next month Spring!

  2. I hope Jordan's prediction comes true. That would be cool, pardon the pun...

    Missing one day will make February a very short month for you.
    Enjoy your new day. Hugs, Julia