Thursday, July 27, 2017

Schedule Change

Some days are going to drain you no matter what you do.  I have been so stressed that my shoulders are aching.  This too shall pass.  Nothing major, just little stuff that appeared out of nowhere and demanded my attention at that instant.

Storms moving in tonight.  We shall see how Calliou does with his new crate.  Fingers are crossed.
I had to tell my students today, no yoga next week.  That was a toughie.  I am having oral surgery on Monday to fix the dental issue that cropped up a few weeks ago.  When the oral surgeon found out I taught yoga , he nixed my schedule for next week.   Seems a bone graft can shift if not allowed to set and if it does then it has to be redone.  I will be home reading a few good books next week if anyone is interested.

My hot tea awaits.  Goodnight, Sweet dreams

1 comment:

  1. I remember Rick having to have this surgery around the Holidays. At least you will be all better for the Holidays. You may have to sip your meal through a straw. This will be a little vacation for you, your time to rest and let the dust bunnies settle.
    Hugs, Julia