Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Wild Life Antics

Interesting wild life in our yard the past few days......about a week ago, a white dove appeared in the early morning feeding frenzy at our feeders.  She has been back every morning since.
This morning, as I was drinking my last cup of coffee after Rick had left for work I saw dirt flying in the air under the huckleberry bush.  I was thinking that is some wacky squirrel......but as I continued to watch I realized an armadillo was excavating my front yard.  He was quite ambitious......the phone rang and after I came back into the great room, he was no where to be seen.......just the trench that he had been working on.

A big red headed woodpecker has laid claim to the persimmon tree, he marches straight up the trunk each day, tapping on the bark.  He loves suet.  He also has an ongoing grudge match with a bright blue jay.
The jay seems more interested in the corn we leave for the deer, but you can hear his grumblings when the woodpecker is around.

Each time I watch wild life I am amazed at how they all seem so human.  You see the personality
traits in the birds and squirrels, the deer and rabbits  and many times I see some of those same traits in friends and family members.  Some are shy, some very bossy and aggressive, some seem to be the life of the morning food fest, while others encourage and soothe.  I have named many of them......like the bright red cardinal who seems quite taken with himself and his colorful feathers.......I call him Ruby, after my mom.  There is a squirrel who is always the life of the morning food fest, energetic and full of life......his name is Sharky, after my dad.

Snow is on it's way, maybe six inches by tomorrow evening.  Looks as though the snow dance that Jordan and I did is finally working.  Pictures to come.
Goodnight Sweet dreams



  1. I've watched squirrels having different personalities just like cats, dogs and calves. They are fun to observe.

    So glad you got your snow. Jordan will be so happy.
    We're having a light dusting of snow this morning. It seems to snow very often.

    I hope your day is filled with fun.

  2. I've been enjoying the wildlife around the Pines. Usually I'm at work all day when they must roam around here. I'll miss this when I go back in a few weeks. Jack was telling me about the weather the south is going to get...6in. is really crazy for you guys who don't get that kind of snowfall. Enjoy it and be safe. Glad Jordan can have some fun with it!

  3. I also like to watch the wildlife early in the day. They seem to know that it is their time before the human animals become too active.

  4. I'm happy to know I am not the only one who names the wildlife in their yard! We have Shakey the squirrel and Bob the carpenter bee who guards our front door! And lots of snow on the ground although no more predicted for my corner of NJ until Sunday. Enjoy your snow!