Saturday, February 28, 2015

Seize the Moment

The last day of February 2015........two months gone and it seems as if I have just taken a breath since December 31, 2014.  Seize the moment has become my mantra.....I find myself whispering  it over and over.  Days filled with snow and laughter and beauty and winter's peace.....seize the moment.
Stress over silly day to day stuff like a month old fridge quitting......seize the moment.  Two friends losing their moms suddenly in the span of two weeks.....seize the moment.

No matter how good or how bad I feel......seize the moment.  Hugs from great nephews today growing as I type these words.....seize the moment.  Weekly hello/goodbyes to students at work....seize the moment.  Seize the's gone in the blink of an eye, in the exhalation of a breath.
Tell friends and family you love them......seize the moment.

On this Saturday night, the 28 of February........seize  the moment.


  1. I turned a year older today and I've seized that moment with good friends and family. I had a good friend who used to say "don't waste the day"...he always stayed busy. Even though he passed away too young, he lived it to the fullest. Have a good Sunday and a happy start to March...and hopefully some Spring like weather!

    1. Happy Birthday Yaya! I hope this next year is one of great joy and good health for you.

  2. These are wise words... words to live by. The past is past and the future has not happened. Now is what we have. If we cannot enjoy now we will not enjoy anything.

  3. One of the best posts you've written Jilda. Excellent advice!

  4. Yes Jilda... seize the moment... life is so much shorter than we know... I'm grateful to have learned this... awesome and very wise words, no more wasting time... ♡

  5. Yes for seizing the moment. I'm all for that.
    Have a wonderful March.
    Seize this HUG.