Sunday, February 8, 2015

Lazy Sunday Night

Rain is moving in, it was 70 degrees today........the peach trees will go crazy and think it is time to make buds......and then the freeze will come. Apple trees are smarter, so are the pears......but peach trees fall for the tease every time.  This is why the years that we actually have ripe peaches are so precious.......why they are so sweet and juicy.

The blueberries are not as cautious as the apples and pears, but more so than the growth and buds are beginning to appear.......I walk by them daily and whisper, be patient.

Young deer that were born in the fall are coming at night and cleaning out our bird feeders.  They drive Calliou and Taz crazy.   Every morning, the feeders are licked clean......we see them sometimes in the dark, licking that birdseed like it was candy.......we can almost hear them smack their lips.

The daffodils slim green shoots are already about four inches can almost hear them sing, hurry spring.  You can feel the energy of the earth changing.......everything seems to reach up to the sun now, even on cloudy days.  Sunsets still have the glow of winter......but not for much longer.

On this lazy Sunday night, as you get ready to face the new week, I send you blessings of peace and much love.
Goodnight Sweet dreams


  1. I would enjoy seeing the deer empty the bird feeders. It is inconvenient to have to keep refreshing the feed for the birds but it is certainly a good conversation topic.

  2. I think we were teased by our weather until a few weeks ago... we kept having great weather with only a little dusting of snow... I was out waking 5k's all the time... Then Winter came in with a bang, I am not sure I will peak my head through again so easily next time... I forgot where I lived ;)

  3. We have no green shoots appearing under all that white snow. All we can boast of is lots of snow. Where is Spring. I'm really tired of the cold.

    Enjoy your signs of Spring.
    Hugs, JB