Monday, February 2, 2015

Ground Hog's Day 2015

Ground Hog's Day, 2015........yep, he saw his shadow.  For those of you who are digging out of the snow......for those of you who think spring will never come, I share these lyrics with you tonight.

"Just remember, in the winter far beneath the bitter snows.
Lies the seed that with the sun's love, in the spring, becomes the rose."  - Amanda McBroom

and as always on this day, for many years.......Rick and I watched the movie, Ground Hog's Day.
Goodnight, Sweet dreams


  1. I like The Rose by Bette Midler. She has such a voice.

  2. I've never watched that movie...crazy huh? Well, we're digging out and freezing but the sun is going to shine today so I'm grateful for that!

  3. Mr Groundhog is loosing his popularity in this part of the world. I nearly froze my butts again this morning feeding the calves. All my water pipes were frozen again, three days in a row and it take me a while to thaw them with a hair dryer. I guess I shouldn't complain but an old woman like me gets a bit weary after a while with 25 calves bawling, all wanting to get warm milk.

    The phone rang this morning at 4:25 am . Someone was looking for my husband to pull them out of the snow. A snow plow driver was stuck in a ditch while plowing someone's driveway. But looking on the bright side, the sun is shining here too and I'm grateful for that too.

    I'm really ready for spring though.

  4. I love the way Bette Midler sings that song... and I didn't watch the movie 'Ground Hog Day' for many years... I ended up really enjoying it once I did.

    I am hoping for a shorter Winter but I hear we are due for more snow in the future... as if we don't have enough. I feel for the people in New Brunswick though, they have so much more than we have in Nova Scotia and I am tired of ours... oh well... this too shall pass...