Sunday, February 15, 2015


I know we are in the midst of winter but starting to get the fever to write and perform......we usually don't book much December through February, but about this time we both feel the need to scratch the itch.  We have started our bookings and things are looking good for spring and summer, if possible I would like for us to double what we did last year.

We watched Begin Again tonight, a movie that we both love with Keira Knightley and Mark Ruffalo about a singer/songwriter and her producer.  Movies like this one and Once always get us motivated and ready to go.  We have never been successful enough to "quit our day gig" but as musicians that little dream is always at the back of your head, no matter your age.

As a singer/songwriter my bucket list is rather different, actually I have never written it down, but here goes........
1.  sing in front of thousands
2. tour the world performing
3. have our songs in movies
4. know that our songs touch people's lives
5. know that our songs make memories for people
6. get invited to perform with some of my music heroes ( like Paul Thorn, Kevin Welch, Jason Isbell, 
Christine Ohlman, ok, it's a long list, but it's mine.) 

So, there you have it......a Sunday night bucket list, never written down, but stored in my mind for many years, really more dream than list, but that is ok, dream big.
For our friends north of us, keep warm and safe.......I hope you get snow, not ice.


  1. Jilda, I say dream big always and kudos to you for writing it down and posting it ♡

    So far it's been snow and wind.... although freezing rain is forecasted... the good thing is that it's a holiday in Nova Scotia, I plan on staying inside... I hope most people can...

  2. If just one of your wishes comes true you will have succeeded past most people.

  3. I know you'll kick off those bucket list items! I'll have to check out those movies too...take care and send some warm breezes our way. Minus 10de this morning!

  4. Now that it's written down it's the official start to crossing them off! I hope you have the great fortune of checking off each one.