Monday, February 16, 2015

What You're Missing

I had a new student in my last class today......he had done yoga before....he was at our facility for an evaluation and seemed very stressed.  He came in about 25 minutes was obvious he needed to let go of some stress.  The class was small, the rain was pouring.....we did counting breath for five minutes, then proceeded with slow postures, really bringing awareness to our bodies.
We finished with about 20 minutes of savasana or relaxation.

As the young man left he told me how much he enjoyed the class.  I finished gathering my belongings, about to head out for my next class when I heard someone at the door. It was the young man, he looked at me for a moment and then he said......" people just don't know what they are missing."

I thought about his statement all the way home, people don't know what they are missing......learning to breathe, to meditate and really experience yoga is life changing.  You don't have to twist yourself into a pretzel to do don't have to be skinny or flexible or young.....anyone can do yoga, even if you are bed ridden.  I have taught young, old, sick, healthy.......and it is true....."people just don't know what they are missing."

Stay warm and cozy tonight, we have a black ice warning, snow for Wednesday and then again Friday......I knew that 70 degree day we had last week was just a tease.......Mother Nature has a wicked sense of humor.
Goodnight, Sweet dreams


  1. You must have warm feelings at being appreciated. The young man validated the work you love.

  2. You're doing such good work Jilda. It must make it worthwhile to hear such a statement.
    Stay safeHugs,

  3. I'm hoping we have another class in chair yoga...or choga as I called it...again in our women's church group since I missed the first one. I'm sure I could do that! I've done a lot of deep breathing while doing my PT and stretches and bends with my knees! Our weather is just the pitts...I've had it with the cold! Stay safe and warm down there!

  4. you all stay warm and safe
    chair yoga is excellent and can be quite a workout
    and yes, I love my work

  5. Ahh Gilda, thanks for the gentle push. At almost 70 and full of arthritis, I have been contemplating yoga but concerned about that pretzel thing......maybe now......