Monday, February 23, 2015

Alabama Weather

Mother Nature keeps teasing, in the past couple of weeks we have had countless winter advisories.......
I left for work today with clouds gathering in the northwest......Rick sent me a text around 4:00pm and said our porches were icing, maybe I should start for home.  More snow and ice on the way and maybe a snow "event" by Wednesday.  ( 4-8 inches)

I know our friends in the colder climates must chuckle about my weather posts......but here in the south......we are never prepared for snow and /or tornadoes and hurricanes, different story.
Snow and ice bring life here to a halt, schools close, roads close and always a run to the local Walmart for milk and bread.

So this week, we are having winter storm advisories and watches......March 1 brings on our tornado season and believe it or not, we have had tornadoes and the aftermath covered in snow.  I have many friends who can't wait for spring, but honestly, I am never in a hurry for spring.......I will take a winter storm watch over a tornado any day of the week.

If we have the snow event I will post pictures!
So tonight, stay warm and cozy, this week should be interesting.
goodnight, sweet dreams


  1. Stay safe Jilda... I would not look forward to tornado watches either...

  2. I like how you Southerners call a snow storm a snow event. For us a snow event would be like a snow sporting event, where a crowd would gather to have fun. lol...

    I'll take a snow storm / event anytime instead of a tornado.

    Spring brings us warmer sunny days and promise of new growth but also risk of heavy flooding in our area.

    Stay safe,

  3. Oh but down south snow is such a fun thing, especially for the kids. No school, and some, for the first time in their lives can actually make a snowman. WOW
    Then it is gone and the mud shows up.
    I enjoyed the visit. SWEET.

  4. All the seasons and the weather they bring have an appeal. But I would not like to have too much of a "good" thing.

  5. The weather has been the talk all over the country. I can't remember a Feb. that's been this cold. One of my brothers lives in Atlanta and they go nuts when they get ice or snow. Frankly, I'd take the snow over ice. I hope you don't get too much crazy weather but if you want a little white stuff I hope it's pretty and I hope it's over quick! We get tornados also...those are truly a fright. I'm glad for my basement during that weather! Take care!

  6. I love that we have different seasons I think if we had the same weather day in and day out it would be boring