Monday, October 5, 2020

Neighbor's Surprise

 A couple of evenings ago I heard the dogs barking.  I was in the laundry room folding clothes, but I could tell by the sound of their barks someone was in the yard.  I went to the front door and there stood my neighbor from across the street, trying to hang a most beautiful Halloween wreath on my front door.

She laughed and told me she had made it and was trying to surprise me but the dogs refused to be part of the surprise.  She and her husband moved in about a month before Rick died.  Rick and had gone over when they were moving in and introduced himself to her husband Mark.  We have not been lucky with neighbors in that house for a long time, but Rick told me when he came home that finally, we had good neighbors again after all these years.  Rick was right.  Gail and Mark have been so caring since Rick died.

When storms blew limbs and trees down in my yard about a week after Rick passed, they came over and moved them.  She is very artistic and crafty and has made me some of the sweetest gifts.  They have three grandchildren who come to visit them every weekend and you can hear those kids laugh the whole time they are there.

I spent today working on my plants, adding fresh potting soil, cutting back out of control growth, getting them ready to move to the screen/green porch in a couple of weeks.  I also transferred collard plants into containers ( I grew them from seeds) to acclimate for a week or so before I plant them in raised beds. It has been a busy day.  Missing Rick so much, these were activities that we shared and enjoyed.

Keeping an eye on the weather, there is another hurricane brewing in the Gulf.  We need rain but not floods and wind damage, will just have to wait and see  where and when this one comes in.

I hope your week started with kindness, stay well, and look for beauty and joy.


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