Sunday, October 11, 2020

A Visit

 A good friend came to check on me today.  She had texted me a couple of times, voicing her concern about me.  Today she came by to check on me.  It is one of those friendships where we go for years without seeing each other, but we know we are there whenever needed.  We worked together for several years and working with her was always fun.  We walked down to the barn, visited the chickens, she took pictures of the bee garden and snapped a photo of Kodak and me.

Since Rick died, Kodak and I now weigh about the same.  I didn't realize how big he was until she sent me the photo she took today.  I have to admit he and Hook were on their best behavior.  Actually Kodak liked Cherri so much I think he would have gone home with her.  And Taz, well she is always on her best behavior.

It's odd to hear someone else's voice in the house now.  I have become use to hearing my voice and the dogs barking and hearing another voice was strange.  Though Sam and Jordan and her parents come by, I am use to their voices I suppose.  Hearing Cherri, and  her laughter, brought back so many good memories that she and her husband and Rick and I shared.  Her visit was like a healing balm.

My friend asked how I was doing, that is the usual question most people ask me.  All I can tell them, I have cried every day since he died.  I get up every morning, make a list and just try to make it through the day and complete the list.  Cherri remarked today about how wonderful it was Rick died at home.  I know it might be weird to say this, but I believe he died the way he wanted to, here at home with me and the dogs, the place he loved, surrounded by those who loved him.  So yes, I suppose it was wonderful he died at home.  But those who love him, boy how we miss him.

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