Sunday, December 29, 2019

Sunday Gathering

Pouring rain all afternoon and evening, as a cold front pushes through.  Our day time high is supposed to be 16 degrees cooler tomorrow which means we will have normal temps.  I can't wait.
70 degrees in December, at Christmas , for me is not enjoyable.  I want to wear sweaters now, not tee shirts. 

Just a couple of days left for 2019.  2020 has such a weird feel to it, like the title of a science fiction book.  Maybe George Jetson is waiting just around the corner.

We had one last family gathering today.  A couple of folks were sick and couldn't make it, and one couple stopped by on their way to the hospital.  Their baby is being delivered in the morning.
Babies and kids make the holidays special.

Enjoy these last days of 2019.  Be kind, spread joy.

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