Friday, December 27, 2019


I love taking online classes.  This past year I have taken yoga certifications, Pain Management classes, nutrition and meditation classes on line.  For Christmas,  Rick and I bought a year's membership in the Master Class courses that are offered on line.  There are writing classes, music classes, photography classes, a large variety of online classes taught by those considered masters in their field.  I am excited.

Rain  moved in today.  More rain the next couple of days with storms by Sunday, then cooler temps.
Once again we are in the 70's, never good in December.

We have recovered from our food binge during the past few days.  A smoothie for breakfast this morning and a big salad for dinner tonight.  My body is starting to feel normal again.

I hope your weekend and the transition into the New Year is good for you.  Be kind, spread joy and hug those you love.

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  1. No rain here, just stinking hot days with temps in the high 30's or low 40's.