Wednesday, December 11, 2019

A Gift

 A little snow, a little ice, a bit of a's all good and it was a gift we got last night, early morning.  The decks were white  and it definitely looked a bit like Christmas.  The clouds rolled away by mid-day and this evening coming home from work the moon was stunning.  This might be the prettiest December moon I have ever seen.  For the past two months we have had cloud cover during the full moon so it was thrilling to step out of the building at work and see this enormous pearl hanging above the trees.
Where ever you are tonight and tomorrow night, if the sky is clear look up.  Even if it's cloudy, look up.
Winter skies are magical.

Tomorrow be kind, spread joy, know peace.


  1. I haven't looked yet but will make a point of it to look tonight. It is usually cloudy here when we get a full moon and it's been awhile since a saw one.