Saturday, December 21, 2019

Special Gifts

Jordan came over today and made his mom, Nana and Papa Christmas gifts.  He made Nana a Christmas wreath.  His Papa always takes him Trick or Treating so he painted a wooden picture frame and put a picture of him in this year's Halloween costume.  ( he was a hot dog)
Through the years I have made and sold many pieces of jewelry made with all sorts of gem stones.
He did his mom a bracelet today with an assortment of stones, including jade, moonstone, amber, bloodstone and sterling silver beads.  I think she will love it.
He loves making things with his hands and I think he understands how special home made gifts are.
He hugged me today as I told him how special these memories are to me.
Tomorrow is the Charlie Brown tree, and then Rick and I have to finish shopping and I have to wrap!

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