Monday, December 2, 2019

Christmas Lights

It's cold in Alabama tonight.  Right now the temp is 29 degrees, but as always it will warm up a bit tomorrow. 

There is something about cold winter air that makes Christmas lights sparkle.  Driving home from work this evening on the sparsely populated road from work to home the lights twinkled.
It seems almost every house had Christmas decorations .  Some were simple, some elaborate, some were strewn about with abandonment and yet others were arranged with an eye for beauty and design.
But in the cold air, in the darkness, the lights were at their brightest and all had beauty.

My community  yoga class chattered and laughed tonight about their Christmas decorations.  Some like me, have not even started, yet others are ready for the season.  I figure this weekend Jordan will come over and we will decorate, he's a great motivator.

I hope your week brings cheer.  I hope you spread kindness.  I hope someone hugs you tomorrow.

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