Saturday, September 28, 2019

The Chicken Show

We attended the 4H chicken show and auction today.  It was hot as blazes but it was fun.
Jordan won a second place for medal for showmanship ( that is when he had a one on one conversation with the judge)  he explained all he had done the past few months to care for his chickens and also present his book to them.  ( The book explains in detail everything from remodeling the pen to present day and includes photos.)

He also won second place for best breed of chickens ( Easter eggers) This is all about how healthy his chickens were.

This was his first year in 4H and to compete.  Many of the other kids have been in involved with 4H for several years.  We think he did great.


  1. Way to go Jordan! Congrats and good job with all the hard work you put into your project!

  2. He did indeed do well - and that smile says it all (and is worth more than any ribbon).

  3. Yay forJordan. I knew he would do well. Great job on raising his chickens and coming in second. Way to go. That smile is also a winner.
    Hugs, Julia