Sunday, September 22, 2019

Sunday Summary

We needed this day.  We have done several routine tasks around the house and a little grocery shopping, but it's been great to have no agenda.  Walking the dogs, a little laundry, a nap, some comfort food for dinner, it has been a good day.

There is a tiny chance of rain for tomorrow night.  I hope Mother Nature proves the weather guys wrong and we get a monsoon.  This is our dry season.  September and October are our two driest months of the year.  While much of the nation enjoys fall,  we are lucky to have a few days.  With the drought, unless something changes, there will be no color to our leaves.  They will turn brown, wither and drop off the trees.

We are getting excited.  Jordan does his big 4H presentation on Saturday and he will give 3 of his chickens to be auctioned off.  We are hoping we can buy them back.  We have grown to love his chicks.  Several will let us pet them.  Jordan is hoping to bring home a ribbon.  He has worked so very hard on this project for the past several months.  Keeping our fingers crossed.

May your Monday go smoothly, may you laugh through out the day, may you be kind to all you meet.


  1. Good luck to Jordan on his project! Our county fair was this past week and I'm always amazed at the kiddos that sell their livestock after taking such great care of them and loving them! I know I would not have made a good farm girl! The money they make helps them with college and other pursuits. It's also a good way to learn responsibility. I hope it's a win for Jordan and win for you guys to get those chicks back!

  2. Good luck to Jordan. I hope he get top ribbons and that you can buy back his chickens.
    The Autumn colors have begun and we are getting some rain this week when I would prefer that I could work outside but we have to take what we get.
    I hope you get rain.
    Hugs, Julia

  3. They do say that a Sunday well spent means a week of content. Your's should be a good one for sure . Happy Monday !