Thursday, September 26, 2019

Bone Dry

We were so excited about those few drops of rain last night.  There was some vivid lightening and loud claps of thunder.  It seems that vivid lightening might have struck a tree on the property behind us and started a forest fire.  Around 7:00 tonight, the forestry folks pulled out telling us the fire was contained.  Fingers are crossed.

Our woods are bone dry.  We have been down this road before and it is a scary one.  When I walked out to feed the birds this morning I could smell the burning pine needles.  We need way more than a few drops of rain.  Our nephew Haven spent the afternoon with the forestry group, showing them the lay of the land, helping them cut fire lanes.  This is when we hook up all our water hoses and hold our breath.  Haven told me tonight that the way the lanes were cut if the fire ignites again it should move away from us.

Thursdays are long emotional and physical days for me.  Rick picked up Chinese for dinner and I have been a slug.  A night's sleep will do me good.

Be kind tomorrow, urge those around you to be kind, we all need it.


  1. Tense times when it is so dry and lightening happens.

  2. I'm glad the fire was put out quickly. I hope you get some rain...
    Usually our lawn is brown in the front in late August but this year, it stayed green and the lawn in the back is so thick as we have had lots of rain. The water level is high as opposed to low at the end of summer. Fall is here and the leaves are starting to fall from our big soft Maple in the front yard.
    Hugs, Julia

  3. Hoping you do get rain soon. Many a forest fire has been started by Lightning. Hope your Friday is a better day!