Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Weather and Life

My men's classes have been amazing.  Their participation, enthusiasm and energy that they bring to class is every teacher's dream.  New students today, all left with smiles saying that they couldn't wait until the next class.

The north wind moved through the past couple of days and most of our color left with it.  It is still beautiful, just different.  Not as cold tonight, rain moving back through in the next couple of days.
The weather is a good teacher of life, always changing, just like life.

I get my shots tomorrow.  I know it is strange to be looking forward to something painful.  The pain doesn't last long and the shots bring the benefits of being symptom free for months.  Can't wait for the vertigo to subside.  The amazing thing, the last shots were about 5 months ago, and even though I am in the midst of a flare, the symptoms are much milder than they were before.

I have drawn several prototypes for my Christmas cards.  Rick and I will make a decision tomorrow on which design we both like the most...and then I start painting.  Can you believe Christmas is less than a month away????

I hope your Thursday brings good surprises and much kindness.  Tomorrow afternoon if you have time and the energy, send me a few good thoughts, that the shots will be effective, the results long lasting.  Thanks in advance.

Goodnight, Sweet dreams


  1. Will definitely be sending thoughts and prayers your way and hoping all goes well for you. Yes, change is a constant in our lives, just like the weather!

  2. I'm sending you some good thoughts and will be praying for you. Vertigo is no fun at all. I only had it once and that was enough...
    Hugs, Julia