Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Sensory Treat

As I left the building this evening I stood and watched the moon rise above the trees in the dark autumn sky.  I looked to the west and the sun was saying goodbye with vivid orange and fuchsia .  It was quite a sensory experience, standing in the cold seeing the moon rise and the sun set at the same time.  The smell of logs burning in someone's fireplace added that little extra joy.

I find this time of year so invigorating, my energy  seems to be climbing every day and I am sleeping soundly every night.  Almost home, a big buck danced across the road in front of me and I was grateful for him and myself that he was fleet of hoof.

Tomorrow will be the end of the work week for me, a long holiday weekend is so nice.
I hope your hump day is a good one as so  many of your get ready to see friends and family this weekend.  I don't do black Friday or shop on Thanksgiving day.  Thursday evening I will sit in front of the fire and be grateful and Friday, no shopping stress for me.  I spent many years working retail,
I am almost mall-phobic.

Rick is bringing home Chinese tonight, I am so excited.  Already in my pj's.
May your Wednesday bring joy and kindness.


  1. I don't do Black Friday or those maniac sales since I do not like shopping in crowded malls. If I need something, I'd rather pay full price than fight the crowd.
    I used to love shopping in malls, then I found the second hand shops and good will shops. I shopped even when I didn't need anything because it was so cheap and it fun to discover treasures that someone else didn't want any more. It was the thrill of the find. Now I only shop when I really need something. The simpler my life is, the better... I'm thankful for what I have.
    Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy your long weekend.
    Hugs, Julia

  2. Happy Hump Day! Sounds like you'll be having some wonderful days ahead! What a delight to see that moon and the sunset at the same time.