Thursday, November 15, 2018

Art and Music

We awoke to a few snow flurries this morning and the coldest day of the year.  We headed out this afternoon to our gig, which thankfully was south and not north.  Just made it in and unloaded equipment.  As always we had a fun show, we loving playing this gig.  It is a fundraiser for a museum and we have done it for the past few years.  Art and music, what a life.

Time to unwind, drink a cup of hot tea and hit the sack.
If you are traveling this weekend, safe travels, be kind, spread joy, show some gratitude.


  1. Yes, art and music, what a life... I'm glad you both enjoyed yourself.
    We are having a major snowstorm today and expecting over half a foot of snow. It's way too early for this much snow. I worry about the ice hidden under the snow. I'm afraid of falling and breaking my bones since I'm not retired yet.
    Hugs, Julia

  2. The snow here in northern Ohio was mixed with rain, we have none on the ground, but it made for some slippery conditions in some places. Hope you have a warm and cozy Friday and a wonderful weekend.

  3. We are supposed to get more snow tonight. Winter has come.