Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Tuesday Random Thoughts

Driving home tonight, the air was so cold it seemed to sparkle.  You know that type of air with each breath you feel refreshed, that is how I felt when I walked out to my car.  On the dark country roads holiday lights are appearing more frequently each night.  Those lights twinkled in the cold stillness.

As I rounded the last curve to our house, I gasped.  Our neighbors had decorated their entire front yard today.  I was met with a Christmas fantasy of color and light.  Very beautiful.

The meds have controlled the vertigo today.  But the meds make me feel as though every nerve in my body is raw and exposed.  Can't wait for those shots, keep good thoughts that they work for a very long time.

Three more days in November and then December will roll in and be gone in a flash.  Take a deep breath and hold on.  We are in the middle of all sorts of holidays.  No matter what or how you celebrate, Happy Holidays!  Please be kind to one another.


  1. Taking a moment to take in a deep breath is very necessary these busy days...So glad you are feeling better and can enjoy the sights, smells and joys of the season!

  2. The neighbourhood up the street is being decorated with lots of colorful lights but the only decorations here are the red crabapples on my naked tree, lol...

    I hope your vertigo goes away for good.
    Enjoy the cooler weather.
    Hugs, Julia