Friday, November 2, 2018

Kids' Parade

If you read Rick's blog then you know our local high school celebrated their homecoming today, kicking off the festivities with a parade.  There is something about a parade that is all things good about a small town.  Maybe it is all the laughing kids, the sirens, the marching band and let's not forget all the candy that is tossed, but parades turn the mundane into the magical.

As I have for the past several years, I took Jordan to my sister Pat's house.  She has the perfect spot for parade watching on main street.  This year Anthony ( another great nephew) went as well and then for the first time, Jordan's mom got to come.  Rick and I picked the boys up at school, then on to Taco Bell and Sonic.  With growing boys you have to hit more than one fast food place for lunch.

It was cold and damp, and the kids didn't care.  The boys brought home sacks of candy, as much as Halloween.  On the way home Jordan announced that he never wanted to watch the parade from anywhere but Aunt's Pat house.  When I called her this evening, she laughed.  She is 75 and told me she hoped she lived many more years because she always wanted the kids to come to her house for the parade.  Two of her great grandkids came over as was a  major kid event.

We loaded the car for our gig tomorrow, well Rick did, but I will help with the unload and load and unload tomorrow.  This weekend has gotten off to a good but busy start.  May kindness and joy continue to bless us all.
Goodnight, Sweet dreams


  1. How great you have your own special place to view the parade from! I hope you get to be inside for today's performance. Either that or it warms up some for you !

  2. I don't blame the kids to want to watch the parade from your aunt's place. I would to since I don't like to be in a crowd.
    Have a fun gig.
    Hugs, Julia