Saturday, November 17, 2018

Busy Saturday

Rick had to work at the newspaper office today.  I took advantage of a few hours at home alone and cleaned house, did laundry and washed my yoga blankets.  When he got home tonight, I did steak, salad and baked potato, I think he's happy.

It has been a difficult couple of weeks.  I dealt with a sinus/bronchial infection for about six weeks and now that I am finally over it, the Meniere's did a little flare up.  Nothing like it use to, but just sudden bouts of vertigo with migraines.  Today has been awesome, no flares at off.  I am hoping that this bout is over and will be gone for a few months, if not it will be time for shots in the ear drum again.

I can't believe Thanksgiving is this Thursday.  I love Thanksgiving, it is all about food and gratitude, not gifts.  For me it has never dealt my life the stress that Christmas holidays have.  I love Christmas time, the cards, the tree, baking cookies.  The stress has always been trying to make everyone happy.
It took me most of my life to realize that I didn't have to make anyone happy during the holidays except myself.  I still have my moments when family members start a guilt moment about where/when/what, but I handle things  now, much better than my younger days.

Many of my students will get to go home for the holiday.  A few won't but sometimes being at the center for a holiday is best for some.  My work week will be a short one, just Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  I will cook some lunch on Thursday, but nothing big like I have often done in the past.  I need some rest this year.

Enjoy your Sunday, think of something to be grateful for, be kind and spread joy.


  1. We had our family gathering yesterday, so today, I can relax. I think it's good you have a short week ahead and nothing too stressful going on. So glad you are finally feeling better and you want to keep it that way. Happy Sunday!

  2. I hope that you can get a rest from feeling sick and out of sort. A short week s good.
    I've taken care of not giving too much at Christmas in the past two years. I used to spend a lot for everyone.

    Christmas is about Jesus coming to us as the promised Saviour but we get bombarded by commercialization earlier every year.

    Have a restful day.
    Hugs, Julia