Tuesday, October 3, 2017


Truth, removing the veil of deception, that is what our class was about today.  The second of the Yamas, one of the five moral teachings of yoga.  When we think about how we deceive ourselves, it can be unsettling.  We settle for a job or lifestyle or relationship that does nothing to help our journey as a human.  We lie to ourselves and say it's ok or it's not hurting anyone or anything. We stop thinking for ourselves and let others tell us what and how to think, lies that degrade us and tear us down and take away our dignity.

We exaggerate our own version of the truth to make our selves feel better, to impress or belittle.
All religions discuss truth, but we humans tend to see truth as we want.  Sometimes the truth destroys and hurts, it might be better see that truth in a different light.

My momma always told me if I told the truth I would not have to remember the lies.  Her wisdom still haunts me.

As we moved through the asanas today, I reminded the students to be truthful to themselves in their yoga.  If a posture hurt, if their bodies could not do something, to be honest and know that with practice the pose would come to fruition.  Sometimes we go to yoga or take a walk and our minds are everywhere but where we are.  We wonder when our class or walk is over why it did not seem as satisfying as other times.  We have to be truthful and remember to be here, now.

Early class in the morning, I will see the sun rise and that is always a good thing.
Remember what the world needs, what we need tomorrow and every day is a little love and kindness.

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  1. Truth is very important to me too. Everything else is a lie. At times, it's harder facing the truth than the lies. Your mother was right.

    I like looking at lies as a fabric that is sewed with flimsy and weak thread. If one stitch comes undone, the the rest of the stitches will also come undone.

    Hugs, Julia